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"Goebel, Juergen" wrote on Fri, 4 Aug 2000 10:12:59 +0200:

> ich verwende texpower in Zusammenarbeit mit der Klasse foils.
> Mein Problem ist, dass bei Einbinden von hyperref im
> PDF-File die unterschiedliche Orientierung nicht mehr
> beruecksichtigt wird. Ohne hyperref ist alles i. O.

[when using texpower, foils and hyperref, switching slide
orientations doesn't work any more]

This is a true incompatibility between foils and hyperref,
as both destructively overload \@begindvi (no influence
from texpower).

Foils puts the orientation stuff in there, which is then
killed by hyperref.

When I pointed this out to Heiko Oberdiek, one of the 
hyperref maintainers, (IIRC) he told me noone would 
want to make portrait slides for the screen anyway ;-)

> Was kann ich da machen?

[What can I do?]

a) Convince the maintainers of hyperref to patch \@begindvi
   rather than overwrite it.
b) Convince the maintainers of foils and/or hyperref to abstain
   from using \@begindvi at all, which is an abdomination.
   The way \@begindvi is defined and used in the LaTeX kernel,
   it is good for putting something at the very beginning of
   a dvi file (like it is done with the \AtBeginDvi command),
   but not on every page, as it is done by foils and hyperref.
c) Turn foils yourself using the landscape package or the like.

d) Use a package like seminar which uses a different mechanism
   for switching between portrait and landscape.


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