On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 17:59:47 +0100, "Pedro A. Ramos" wrote:
> I have tried to compile the "pdfscrdemo.tex" file
> but the output has some problems. For instance,
> the panel disappears after the first page.

I couldn't reproduce this problem. I just tried
again, in different configurations, and everything
seems to be fine.

> Any hint about possible problems?

What versions of auxilliary packages are you using?
Here, I tested with

Package: pdfscreen 2000/07/07 v.1.5 screen PDF design (CVR)
Package: hyperref 2000/09/07 v6.70v Hypertext links for LaTeX

If one of these is older on your system, please update
and see whether the problem goes away.

If your hyperref is newer than mine, I'll have to update
and test again ;-)

If the problem stays after updating, please send a log
file so I can try to find what's different.


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