Hi all,

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've got a problem with
displaying two paragraphs of text with a pause between them. I want the
first paragraph to be shown all the time, and the second one to appear
only after pressing PageDown.
I tried many solutions using \stepwise (and \pause, also), but the best I
could get is the following: the order of appearance of the paragraphs is
okay, but the text is always vertically centered on the page. In other
words, when I have my first paragraph on the page, it's centered in the
middle, and when the second paragraph appears, the two paragraphs are
centered as a block. As a consequence, the first paragraph is "pushed" to
the top, and you dont't have the feeling of a real stepwise.
I must add that for some reasons I could make what I wanted correctly
using modified copies of __TP*.tex files of the doc package.
Sorry if this is too long and dark, I did my best.
Here are some lines of my tex file which I think could be interesting.


... ...

Einsatz des PMRs:
  \item Fahrzeugflotten (u.a. Bahn, Bus, Taxi, Industrie)
  \item BOS (u.a. Polizei, Feuerwehr, Rettungsorg., Militär)
Anforderungen an den professionellen Mobilfunk:
  \item Anforderungen an den professionellen Mobilfunk:
    \item vollständige Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung
    \item geschlossene Benutzergruppen
  \item Gruppenruf
  \item Notruf
  \item Direct Mode

My first idea was to use \boxedsteps, but it didn't work because of the
paragraph break. Then I tried \vstep, \hidevanish ... which didn't work
much better.

Any idea ???

Pierric Descamps.

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