On Fri, 7 Dec 2001 14:05:46 +0100, Richard Sudarmono wrote:

> I'm looking for the whole maillist archive for my mailprogram. Could anybody
> tell me, where I can get this file?

The welcome message should have told you how to retrieve 
single messages by mail from the list server (never
bothered myself).
Furthermore, there's a public WWW archive at

> Besides.. I try to use \pageduration in prosper. Unfortunately I got
> no success (I use acroread 3).

As far as I understand, porsper puts every slide in a 
box. This will prevent any local settings (like \hypersetup)
from working inside.
You could try to move your setting outside of the
slide environment. 

But I'm afraid the kind of interaction between texpower
and prosper methods you're looking for won't work, as 
prosper's way of doing things is totally different
from TeXPower's.

For combining TeXPower features with prosper features,
you should use TeXPower's methods for incremental display,
as shown in 
This way, different settings for \pageDuration will also 


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