OK.  No one voiced an objection to Condorcet voting, so I have
created an election at CIVS.  I'll be sending the ballots out in
a few moments.

The only feedback about eligible voters I received was off-list.
This is what I will plan.

I am sending ballots to all subscribed members of the current
TSLUG list.  If you feel you are a member of TSLUG, you may use
your ballot to rank your choices for a new name.  You are
encouraged to consider a vote as a kind of pledge to pay annual
dues of $15.

We won't be tracking emails, so your honor should dictate whether
you vote and whether you choose to pay dues.

Historically, we have use the dues money to support the
installfests and speakers.  In particular, we have purchased
advertising to get out the word for Linux installs.

If you want to pay dues, you can leave a check with Arletta, the
division secretary in the Math and CS division office.  We can
make sure it gets to Caleb Jorden the treasurer.

Make checks to "Truman State Linux Users Group".  That's what our
account says at the bank until we get it changed.



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