Greetings all,

Many of you probably already know of Stanford University's [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
project. If you don't, please take a look here:

This project is a great cause. What this distributed computing project 
is asking for is donated CPU cycles for disease research by running 
projects which emulate protein folding. This allows scientists to begin 
to understand why proteins "mis-fold" causing diseases and terminal 
illnesses like Alzheimers, Mad Cow, Parkinson's, and more.

To join in on the effort, all you have to do is download a small app 
that downloads a project, runs the emulation, sends the results back, 
and repeats. This is also run as a low priority process on your system, 
so you really don't even notice it is even running your CPU at 100% all 
the time.

To add a competative atmosphere to the effort, you can join a folding 
team by entering a team number when you configure the application. I 
invite/ask that anyone who decides to join the effort to use Team #: 
38296. This is the Legit Reviews Folding Team number. We have really 
grown in members over the last few weeks and are actively in the 
recruiting stage to get more members. if you would like some simple 
installation instructions, I invite you to check out the quick "how 
to:" I wrote up for Legit Reviews:

If anyone decides to join our team, let us know. We are always excited 
to hear that we got someone else to start [EMAIL PROTECTED] you can simply 
reply to this list, or join the Legit Review forums and throw a post in 
this section:

Well, sorry this message got so long, I just wanted to share this 
information with everyone, and hopefully I'll get a few of you to join 
in on this effort for a very good cause.

Thanks for your time,
Justin West

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