i also made several wrong guesses about what was causing the issue...i
also installed blank CDs in my drives (lol)...then finally someone else
pointed out the issue with card readers.

it appears that the wubi script is scanning all "drives" on the PC (windows 
treats card reader slots as drives on my machine) and is not able to deal 
elegantly with the card reader slots -- if they are empty.

i have 4 card reader slots and i have to click "continue" 12 times total
(8 times at the beginning of the installation and 4 times somerewhere in
the middle)...so that is 3 times per card reader slot. (all my card
reader slots have normal ascii character names like drive M:).

one can successfully install ubuntu by merely clicking thru the error messages 
12 or so times OR by "ejecting" the card-reader (eject by right-clicking the 
card-reader's icon in the systray, then clicking on "safely remove hardware", 
then clicking on "stop")

i am not knowledgeable of python (i dabble in C#), but i did scan the python 
code and it seems to have some code that tries to check the letters A-Z to see 
if any of those letters are valid drives. I think that could be the source of 
the first 4 errors. Then i think i saw some code that scans all drives for an 
available ubuntu image...so that's probably where the second set of 4 errors 
originates...i don't know about the last 4 times, though...i didn't look too 
far into the script. however, the wubi script itself may not be so much to 
blame as the underlying python libraries (i googled and googled and it seems 
hard to find documentation on python methods that allow access to system drive 
information on a windows machine)...but perhaps python provides a way to catch 
the error...kinda like a try-catch block in C#??? (again, i am not familiar 
with python...so i may be way off base). Could the errors somehow originate 
from the instantiation and/or use of the Drive class objects??? (just some 

if one is not aware of the card reader issue, after clicking "continue" on the 
error message 3 or 4 times, one naturally feels the computer is in some kind of 
infinite loop. this could potentially cause first-time users to think the 
ubuntu installation program is defective  (that's what i thought at first) or 
has some compatibility issue with their PC...when, in fact, they simply have 
empty card reader slots.

wubi installer's pyrun.exe says "no disk"
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