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> By the way, why doesn't the mailing list sometimes update for days
> at a time?

Two reasons.

First, sometimes the SourceForge mail servers get overloaded.  This is
especially common whenever a new "popular" Email worm starts
spreading.  Even though SourceForge blocks infected mail, just
processing the inbound connections hoses their servers, I think.

Second, some messages look like spam and are therefore held for my
manual approval.  This is happening to you, for instance :-).  If you
view the full headers of your last message to the list, you will find

  X-Spam-Score: 1.0 (+)
  X-Spam-Report: Spam Filtering performed by
        See for more details.
        Report problems to
        0.5 X_PRIORITY_HIGH        Sent with 'X-Priority' set to high
        0.5 HTML_40_50             BODY: Message is 40% to 50% HTML
        0.0 HTML_MESSAGE           BODY: HTML included in message

I have set the SpamAssassin threshold extremely low; anything with a
score above 0.1 is held for my manual approval.  So, to make your
messages go directly to the list without my intervention, you need to
make your score 0.1 or lower.  In your case, you have to:

  1) Send text-only messages (not text+HTML multipart).

  2) Do not set the X-Priority header.

Exactly how you accomplish these things depends on your Email client
and possibly even on your server.

 - Pat

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