I thought the same that the decommission would complete the removal of a node. 
I have heard something said about a 72 hour window, I’m not sure if that 
pertains to this version.

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That’s weird. I thought decommission would ultimately remove the node from the 
cluster because the token(s) should be removed from the ring and data should be 
streamed to new owners. “DN” is IMHO not a state where the node should end up 


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Yes, you have to run a nodetool removenode to decomission completely.. this 
will also allow another node with the same ip different HashId to join the 

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I have a node I decommissioned on a large ring using 2.1.12. The node completed 
the decommission process and is no longer communicating with the rest of the 
cluster. However when I run a nodetool status on any node in the cluster it 

the node as ‘DN’. Why is this and should I just run a removenode now?


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