The requirement is to create DB in which we have to keep data of Updated
values as well as which user update the particular book details and what
they update.

We are like to create a schema which store book info, as well as the
history of the update, made based on book_title, author, publisher, price
Like we want to store what was old data and what new data updated.. and
also want to check which user updated the relevant change. Because suppose
if some changes not made correctly then they can check changes and revert
based on old values.
We are trying to make a USER based Schema.

For example:-
id:- 1
Name: - Harry Poter
Author : - JK Rolling

New Update Done by user_id 2:-
id :- 1
Name:- Harry Pottor
Author:- J.K. Rolls

Update history also need to store as :-
User_id :- 2
Old Author :- JK Rolling
New Author :- J.K. Rolls

So I need to update the details of Book which is done by UPSERT. But also I
have to keep details like which user updated and what updated.

One thing that helps define the schema is knowing what queries will be made
to the database up front.
Few queries that the database needs to answer.
What are the current details of a book?
What is the most recent update to a particular book?
What are the updates that have been made to a particular book?
What are the details for a particular update?

Update frequently will be like Update will happen based on Title, name,
Author, price , publisher like. So not very high frequently.

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