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we couldn't take pictures of the open cell. and thay didn't show us directly
the secret reactor
17 hours ago
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yet, it seems to do its job well (a great hunt hot): the mysterious member,
however, do not haveshowed
17 hours ago

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is not much good inside. if you think hi-tech ... not. to be honest, open,
e-cat is almost disappointing. Really that's it?
17 hours ago

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There we can say more about the black box when we see it we'll tell you
more about the black box, we'll see it When
19 hours ago

I do not understand exactly what this means. I think he means they looked
inside the reactor chamber but they were not allowed to take photos, and
they were not allowed to look inside the actual nickel hydride cell ("the
secret reactor").

My take on this test:

This was yet another rotten presentation. *However*, if the observers were
allowed to look inside the reactor as planned, and if the people I talked to
did the things I recommended, then despite the obvious problems this is
still an irrefutable result. If the observers did not do any of the things I
recommended then this result is crap.

I cannot understand why Rossi refuses to do a properly instrumented test. I
was hoping that this test would be organized and conducted by someone else
but it is clear that Rossi set it up, and -- as always -- he neglected to:

* Use proper instruments

* Record the data on a single computer with uniform timestamps

* Make independent measurements, with your own instruments, away from the

* Calibrate

I told him and two of the other observers that they should do these things.
He ignored me. I have not heard from the other two yet. I mentioned this

"The observers collected the water in vessels and measured the temperature
externally with their own instruments.

At least, they said they would do this. I will be upset if they did not. . .

I have been dealing with Rossi for nearly 2 years and I have been saying
these things to him over and over again, as have other people. It is like
talking to a wall. I know him well enough to predict that he will never do
these things, and it is a waste of time advising him to do so. He is a
frustrating person to work with. I knew that years ago. Nothing has changed.
He is a genius in many ways, but he is no good at demonstrating machines or
convincing people of his claims.

It is fortunate that Defkalion has also done these tests and they have used
proper instruments and techniques. I hope that more information about their
tests will soon be revealed but I have no assurance that will happen.

- Jed

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