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is anybody against turning on USE_64_BIT_INT in coming 32bit Strawberry
Perl 5.18.x series ?

I have done some testing with PDL guys approx a year ago on 5.16.0 (I guess
Rob is also subscribed to this list) and AFAIK it works.

I've been testing it continually over the last year or so. Every module I build (not just PDL), I've been building on USE_64_BIT_INT - for both 5.16.0 and current blead (5.17.x). I haven't struck any problems at any time that were related to the 64int architecture.

I can think of only one con:

ActivePerl binaries (ppm packages) will not be usable on the 64int architecture Strawberry Perl - unless, of course, ActiveState also start providing packages for the 64int architecture. (I've no idea what ActiveState are planning to do in this regard.) I doubt that many Strawberry users (if any) would be affected by this, and I don't regard it as a stopper. (Will 32int Strawberry builds still be available for anyone who wants one ?) As regards the ppm packages that I provide, they'll be available for both the 64int and 32int architectures.


1/ perl core 5.17.* supports building perl with USE_64_BIT_INT on MSWin
without any special hacking that was needed for 5.16.0

2/ PDL users are gonna like it

3/ Cool stuff like https://metacpan.org/module/Mango will work on 32bit
strawberry perl

4/ Couple of others asking me privately will appreciate it (they ask: why
32bit cygwin perl can have 64_BIT_INT and 32bit strawberry not?)

One other thing to consider with 5.18 Strawberry is whether it should be COW-enabled or not. Until recently, the p5p plan was to make 5.18 COW-enabled, but that has now been postponed to 5.20 (which will definitely be COW-enabled). As the plan currently stands, 5.18 will build as COW-disabled by default - but there's an option to build it COW-enabled (which p5p are encouraging module authors to use - mainly to have them avoid rude shocks when 5.20 does come along).

I guess Strawberry Perl would just go with the default option - though I don't have any personal preference in either direction.


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