I've got a wee problem with one of my modules on Windows:

However, I don't have a Windows licence, nor do I know how to drive
Windows, nor, to be blunt, do I particularly want to learn.  But if
anyone could help me make my code more portable I'd be very grateful.

The code in my module that has the problem starts at line 186 here:

Its purpose is to run arbitrary code in a Safe.pm compartment, and to
have that compartment time out if it takes more than 5 seconds.  It does
this using Parallel::ForkManager to run the Safe compartment in a child
process.  The child may return data to the parent via some magic in
Parallel::ForkManager which is effectively a wrapper around Storable.

Stuff that assumes a Unixy world, other than fork()ing in the first
place, is the kill() on line 194.

I presume that the 17-ish lines starting at 186 will need to be
completely different for Windows.

If anyone can help, the beers are on me at the next YAPC we're both at!

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