Here's your webrev with a jtreg compliant test added :

I verified the test behaves properly under jtreg -
 before the fix jtreg kills it on time out
 after the fix it finishes quickly and successfully

Outside of jtreg it also exits properly although jtreg is the normal way to run it.

This is all +1 from me but I think someone else should sign off on this too since I
don't want to self-review the test.


On 1/12/20 11:54 AM, Phil Race wrote:
Hi Clemens,

That needs reworking in location as well as adding jtreg boiler plate and legal 
notice. Also there are code changes required to be a well behaved test. I need 
to sit in front of a headful Linux system to test those so I will have to 
follow up on this (hopefully) tomorrow.


On Jan 11, 2020, at 12:40 PM, Clemens Eisserer <> wrote:

Hi Phil,

Is there a regression test ?
I don't see a noreg- label.
Sorry I forgot to mention, the regression test is in the "main"
directory of the bugfix:

Thanks and best regards, Clemens

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