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Indeed, currently the preemptive processing on 4D remote is not yet
available. It does not mean that it will not be there. The whole business
about making preemptive processing available everywhere in all areas
cannot be done in one shot, but rather in phases. The scope and priority
depends on where we see the heavy processing will be and you will most
benefit from it. In all cases, 4D Server had to be done first which most
likely will be running from the machine with the most number of cores (not
HT) anyway.

With our current Agile development model, you will continue to see the
evolution of the preemptive processing in 4D. Stay tuned:)



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>On Sep 16, 2016, at 10:38 AM, Jeffrey Kain wrote:
>> Hopefully that's temporary, otherwise why bother?
>> I wonder why.
>Pure speculation but it could be related to networking. How do you
>preempt code that is making calls to 4D Server over the network? I¹m sure
>it¹s possible but requires doing it the right way so that it actually
>works in any preemptive situation. I can see this becoming very
>Maybe that was one of the reasons why they implemented the new network
>layer. To lay the foundation to all of this preemptive stuff.
>My guess it is temporary due to the complexity of the networking issues.
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