Depending on what you are trying to do with the interface you could probably 
achieve what you are looking to do with a sub form combined with the TEXT TO 
ARRAY command.  It would not be simple though.

In the past we have compromised on a general height for each row and then 
allowed the user to expand the text by clicking on the row but obviously this 
is not great.

The web area is another option.  You could use a simple HTML template or a 
Javascript library.  There are so many that I do not want to make a 
recommendation.  It really depends what you are trying to do.

I have done this last one however, the problems start when you try to create 
interactivity with the web area as this is not simple and leads you down 
various choice trees about which implementation of the web area you use and 
platform specific issues and restrictions.

Regards,  Dougie

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