SharePoint is Document Management System which can be linked with MS Office
Apps. It has it's own storage and I think it using SQL. It high
configurable but still SharePoint is not a tool for writing Business
Database Applications on it's own.

Be upfront and tell them that many have tried this kind of approach before
and end up spending a lot companies money and get no where or half way
through. Also it depends on what DB does if it can be redone it SP or not.
First question is find out why they want move to SP? What do they not like
about 4D? Perhaps if you can purpose to solve that problem itself they
might consider it.

If they still want to let them try and waste money and come back to you in
few years time.


On 14 October 2016 at 02:19, Robert ListMail <> wrote:

> I have client that wants to rewrite an old 4D database from scratch. At
> least one member on the board is pushing for us to consider Sharepoint or
> another non-4D approach. I know very little about SP. I'm told it's like a
> glorified excel spreadsheet.... Any particular points I should keep in mind
> as I defend 4D?
> Thanks,
> Robert
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