Sharepoint is a Microsoft product that provides document storage and 
collaboration using a web-bsed "template".  It integrates closely with MS 
Office, so its strength is document management and storage.  One can 
choose one of many templates, such as a simple library or a sophisticated 
workflow to collect signatures in an approval cycle.  It is almost 
impossible for me to compare with 4D, as there is little commonality; 
while it is possible to create some "logic" in Sharepoint, it is really 
only for workflow.  Also, there is not really a concept of a data element 
in Sharepoint, as the basic unit is a document.  Having said that, you can 
collect document metadata, such as approval levels, revision level, etc., 
but it is not a development environment in the sense of 4D.  You can add 
on to Sharepoint using javascript and you can make a SOAP call, but I've 
never done this.

I think of Sharepoint as a sophisticated file cabinet, while 4D is more 
like a set of legos with a database back end.  Hard to compare things that 
are so completely different.  Unless the 4D database the client is talking 
about is document-centric, there's little you could do in Sharepoint to 
mimic 4D functionality.  But of course that depends on the application.

There's tons of stuff on the web about Sharepoint, start with Wikipedia.

Good luck - sounds like the customer is a little daft and needs some 
guidance --

Bob Miller
Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation

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