You said this is for a selection based listbox so the command would be

I don't use a selection based listboxes if I need heavy validation pre or
post saving so I'm not sure how long you can count on modified changes NOT
being saved but I am certain OLD will work while you are editing that
specific field.

I prefer array based listboxes if I need to do a lot of validating or need
to be able to cancel extended entry. The problem with starting transactions
from an input form in such a way that they are finished by user action
(enter or cancel) is everything you 'touch' within the transaction gets
locked until the user is done. Which could be a long time.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 8:06 PM, Keith Goebel <> wrote:

> Sorry everybody - I was thinking of the wrong thing when I replied (can
> you say alzheimer’s? :-)
> I still don’t know how to trap for the Old value and will try Douglas’s
> idea.
> Cheers, Keith

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