how do you tell these two issues apart:
Customer name : John Smith
Customer Name : John Smyth

is this a typo (one should be Smyth and is not, or one should be Smith 
and is not)?
is it real (2 John Smiths with different spellings)

I see this problem with a 'free form' entry inventory data. i.e. the 
user can enter whatever in the item name/description field.

I do not see (for my inventory) a way to keep duplicate entries like:
Glove, latex, Medium
Medium Glove, latex
Latex glove size medium

yes, I can check part numbers, but... same glove from different 
suppliers can/will have different part numbers
Joe's supply house: 12345
Fred's house of supplies: 56342-m

Worse, I've found that the same product, from the same vendor in 
differing purchase amounts (1 vs case) is the same part number, but 
different pricing! So.. even a check on part numbers is insufficient to 
stop duplicate entries.

I have setup a means for the users to remove duplicates, but of course 
they never do....

always welcome a way to improve this situation

On Sun, 6 Aug 2017 13:06:28 -0700, David Adams via 4D_Tech wrote:
> Since I'm diving into Postgres these days (mostly on the import side - my
> table designs aren't even right yet - pacing myself), I see that they have
> a wide range of tools for enforcing row uniqueness and referential
Gas is for washing parts
Alcohol is for drinkin'
Nitromethane is for racing 
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