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> David and Chuck, point taken about "rows" being unique because of and
> created with the containing data of each row -- up to a ... well "a point".


The misunderstand of relational theory, design and practice - and open
hostility towards it - is peculiar to the 4D world. With *any* other RDBMS,
all of the stuff I mentioned is just part of what people know and assume.
Because science.

So, I won't be getting into it more than that. But will say, it's well
worth understanding what normalization *actually* is, what it's good for,
what it's not good for, and how you deal with that. It's also worth
understand that transactionally-oriented databases are ideal for a wide
range or problems, ORDBS for a somewhat wider range of problems, and
doc-oriented/NoSQL databases for a very narrow range of problems. There are
good applications for each. (And you can often do different design
topologies in the same RDBMS, even 4D.)

Dan and I wrote a nice summary of normalization in our book and it's up
somewhere for download as a PDF.  A couple of college professors have
contacted us down the years to see about using it in class. ("Of course!")
because the standard database theory texts are, well, dense to the point of
incomprehensibility...what Dan and I wrote is pretty straightforward and

And lest anyone get hung up on the word theory:
1) I like the theory *because* it helps my practical work.
2) In science, a theory is more substantial than a law. (Just
saying...that's how the words work, but it's commonly misunderstood.)

NB: The whole "normalization sucks" business would make you look really,
really odd in any other RDBMS community so, if anyone ventures out into the
wider world, make sure that you 1) understand normalization, 2) understand
the difference between logical and physical models, and 3) don't tell
anyone that you think normalization doesn't make sense.

Adams out.
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