All our images, which currently is almost 1000 (for buttons, forms, etc..) are 
stored in the Resources folder.  Here is how we access them:

     $image_path:=Get 4D folder(Current resources folder)+"Images\\"

Pretty easy to access the folder, all you need to know from this point is the 
name of the image.  We have a very specific naming convention based upon how 
it's used, just to make things easier to organize.

BTW, all our images are PNG files...



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Been messing with 64bit v16r4

Found that most (not all) of my PICTURE LIBRARY pictures went south.

If I open the app in the 32 bit version, they are all still there.

So... what Christian said below, is more than a "good idea"

Not looking forward to redoing all of these pictures into the resources folder 
and then finding all references to them.



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