I put all of my pictures into PNG in external files some years back. I
 wrote a tech note about migrating from the picture library and it had some
tips and code...although I can't remember what it said. It might be worth
checking out. Chances are, there are better ideas out there - so if
something in there seems off, ask here and that helps the archives.

[Later] Okay, clearly I'm losing it - I wrote this note last year and it's
21 pages with a bunch of utility code. Who knew? It looks like it's
generally available for download from here:


Presumably, there's something useful in there.I saw JPRs tool at the road
show and it *definitely* looked helpful. Not sure why there isn't a
conversion tool of some kind that's fully automated, but I guess JPR's tool
is meant to improve the situation some. Not sure where you get it
officially...or if you can.
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