Strange problem I run into.

The command Print Settings crash my 4D Remote on Mac OSX Sierra
after I accept the first dialog.
Print Settings(2) crashes immediately.
Print Settings(1) works fine.
Actually I can't print at all if I go through the print settings

I have made fresh install, deleted complete cashed folder etc.
This is only for one specific computer. Both compiled and interpreted.
There is a printer configured and made default and other programs print just

4D Version is v15R5. There are many clients that work without issues for
more than a year.
This is a semi new MB Pro that I setup for 4D client.

I am missing something but I have looked in archives for related topics,
but can't find anything. I remember some printing issues some years
ago if there was no printer defined at all in the system, but this seems not
to be the case.

Any ideas are welcome.

Magnus Torell

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