I thought error codes under -15000 were not reserved by 4D. Now it produces 
error -20002 that might crash with user generated error for business rules 

Could anyone tell if 4D changes error code range reserved by 4D?


Alan Chan

4D iNug Technical <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> writes:
>I just today got the -20002 error in a compiled database.
>The issue is/was pointers.

>I still have to use a different method to handle the error because I get a 
>-20002 (accessing a parameter that does not exist) error in compiled mode. I 
>think this -20002 error is related to my usage of $0 in the normal context of 
>this method ($0 is
>not used in the error handler context).  It looks like you also return a 
>Boolean in $0 but you do not mention seeing the -20002 error; weird. Have you 
>have provoked your error handler in compiled mode?

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