Hi Tim,

I meant under -15000 not 15000. 4D or OS reserved error code above -15000 if my 
memory serve me right. I'm not talking real system crash and just 2 error codes 
collide and cause confusion. We trap and also generate various error codes 
returning from
triggers when it doesn't meet specific business rules. The error codes would be 
converted to verbose form to users. We use error code from -15001 to -20000.

Alan Chan

4D iNug Technical <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> writes:
>Are you thinking about plugin id numbers?
>{" You should pick a number between 15000 and 32767."}
>How would retuning a similar error code cause a crash?
>How are you returning the error code?
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>Subject: Error Code reserved by 4D
>I thought error codes under -15000 were not reserved by 4D. Now it produces 
>error -20002 that might crash with user generated error for business rules 
>Could anyone tell if 4D changes error code range reserved by 4D?
>Alan Chan
>4D iNug Technical <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> writes:
>>I just today got the -20002 error in a compiled database.
>>The issue is/was pointers.
>>I still have to use a different method to handle the error because I
>>get a -20002 (accessing a parameter that does not exist) error in compiled 
>>mode. I think this -20002 error is related to my usage of $0 in the normal 
>>context of this method ($0 is not used in the error handler context).  It 
>>looks like you also
>return a Boolean in $0 but you do not mention seeing the -20002 error; weird. 
>Have you have provoked your error handler in compiled mode?

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