> but I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the sorts of situations that 
> might require using length=0

as mentioned in the previous post,
there are some (non) characters that has a measurable length but whose sorting 
value is equal to that of "".
Char(0) and Char(1) are such examples.

> Given a group of records,
> * some created manually with data keyboarded in
> * some created programmatically with data imported from tab delimited text 
> that was exported from Excel

the reason I hesitate to answer your question is because "how the record was 
created" is not the deciding factor.
unicode "sorting value" is basically determined by the code point (character 
code) and locale (database settings).

technically, I suppose it is possible to enter non characters by the keyboard 
(paste) or via Excel.
but normally that would happen in the context of non-empty text.

so for all practical purposes, I wouldn't call ="" a major vulnerability.
I would though, avoid it for validating web input (because there are bad people 
out there).

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