RE> User A should not be sharing the machine with User B, otherwise, if 
they are sharing, then SSO should not be used.

OK, I accept that. 

In a different view of things (this wouldn't be SSO, but rather, using AD 
authentication) there some way that I could present a login screen, accept 
the user's ID and password, and send it to AD for authentication, 
receiving back a "Good" or "Bad" reply?

How about the other question, since we're on a roll:

I'm also not clear on what 'Current client authentication' does other than 
get the name of the 
current Windows user...

What is the return value of 'Current Client Authentication' and what is it 
used for?  Why won't this work unless the switch is turned on in 4D Server 
(since Win32api somehow can return the current user?)


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