> In a different view of things (this wouldn't be SSO, but rather, using AD 
> authentication) there some way that I could present a login screen, accept  
> the user's ID and password, and send it to AD for authentication, receiving 
> back a "Good" or "Bad" reply?

Based on this, I think you want to look at the LDAP set of commands:

> I'm also not clear on what 'Current client authentication' does other than 
> get the name of the current Windows user...

" The Current client authentication command asks the Windows Active Directory 
server to authenticate the current client and, if successful, returns the 
Windows login name for this client (session identifier). If the authentication 
failed, an empty string is returned. "

> What is the return value of 'Current Client Authentication' and what is it 
> used for?  Why won't this work unless the switch is turned on in 4D Server 
> (since Win32api somehow can return the current user?)

" This command can only be used in the context of an SSO implementation on 
Windows with 4D Server. For more information, please refer to the Single Sign 
On (SSO) on Windows section."

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