In the keynote presentation by Keisuke, he showed briefly opening an excel 
document and fetching data from the 4D database.

Now, I know this can be done using ODBC, but it is not easy to get that working 
on a Mac.
Furthermore, Excel 2016 doesn’t seem to be able to connect to 4D. (It used to 
be ok using the old MS query)

So I am hoping this feature that was demoed also works on Mac.

Although I could find the SDI database on the usb key of the Paris Summit, I 
couldn’t find this particular feature.
Mind you, the SDI database is NOT on the US Summit usb key.

Keisuke, I googled the VBA tools you mentioned, but didn’t get the answers I 

Could you elaborate a little more on that, and how you implemented that little 


Rudy Mortier
Two Way Communications bvba 

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