the last time tested, VBA Tools (which is an cross platform HTTP client for VBA 
that does the mapping between JSON and VBA) works on Microsoft Excel for Mac 
15.16 but not the version after that (I keep a copy of the old version in 
addition to the current one).

I don't know if it was fixed in newer version of Excel. VBA Tools on mac does 
some pretty radical things on Mac, such as loading dylib and calling curl from 
VBA, and it seems the VBA editor for Mac is undergoing a lot of changes. On top 
of that, mobile versions of Excel don't support VBA, so is seems VBA might not 
be the best way to add macros to your spreadsheet if you don't have full 
control over the platform or version your clients' Excel.

If you attended the Summit then you should soon receive an update download link 
for the SDI demo.

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