Hi All,

I would like to seek some help/advise on an XML issue in 4Dv15 on Windows.

I have an app that is currently running in v11.  XML transmission via the 
consumption of a hosted web service is working well.
User decides to upgrade their server from Windows Server 2008r2 to 2012 and 
from v11 to v15.

XML transmission from the v11 database when ported over to the new staging 
server continues to work well.  For the converted v15 application, running on 
the same staging server, everything works except the XML transmission.  Same 
server, same port, soap URL, same web service yet it works on v11 works but not 

On v15, the Web Service Call command returns with the OK variable not equal to 
1  and a soap server not reachable response.

Have tried comparing all the settings between the two 4D versions to make them 
similar but to no avail.  Does anyone have any encounters with this issue or 
what could possibly have gone awry with the Web Service Call command in v15?


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