We have already been asking these questions, and they say there is nothing.

We have tried to use Wireshark before, but it collects so much information it 
is overwhelming.  Are there any suggestions on what events to trap on?

Also, the two applications reside on the same box, meaning the DMM Server and 
the "middleware" application (running as a service) are on the same box.



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> For example, we receive a call, then 10 seconds later another call comes in 
> and it's not received, then 10 seconds later another call comes in and it 
> works fine.  The other system that is trying to contact via web services 
> records a log entry saying their request was forcibly terminated, or it 
> received no response.

Is there any chance there is some antivirus or malware protection sitting 
between the client and server (on either end)?

You could potentially do some packet capturing with wireshark to determine if 
the request from the client hits the server's network interface at all.


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