there is no reason why a "delete" command should not exist, I suppose,
but 4D Write Pro is about constructing dynamic documents using templates,
by evaluating embedded expressions and/or combining prepared segments (range 
so I would imagine that a delete command is not really in high demand.

same with commands Write Pro tables (no delete command)
if you don't need it in the final result.

perhaps a better way is rethink how you create the document.
rather than working on a single document created with WP New,
use WP New many times and build the document like lego.

2018/05/26 2:52、Piotr Chabot Stadhouders via 4D_Tech 
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So there are 2 possibilities:
1. We are overlooking an existing command that can be used to delete an 
anchored image
2. 4D forgot to implement a WP delete picture command

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