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> Hi Justin, Pat,
> Using WP SELECT that is called in a method via CALL FORM seems to work, 
> thanks for that!
> I must say, I can't believe it's 4D's intention that we constantly have to 
> use CALL FORM for thinks to work.
> Maybe they implement a more sophisticated way for doing this.

I have to say it's annoying. What's even more annoying is that most of the time 
CALL FORM isn't enough. You have to use SET TIMER(-1) and set some info 
somewhere to let the timer know what to do when it triggers. I don't find it 
anwhere near as simple or intuitive as working with 4D Write was. I live in 
hope that things will become easier to manage as the product improves. 
Certainly there are steps forward with each new release.

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