I’m trying to add an object array to Storage.

The documentation says that Objects can be a share storage value.

I keep getting the message “Not supported value type in a shared object or 
shared collection.”

In the below code I broke apart the assignments for easiest debugging.

ARRAY TEXT($DeleteRecord;Get last table number)
ARRAY LONGINT($DeleteRecord_PN;Get last table number)

OB SET ARRAY($DeleteRecord_ob;"DeleteRecord";$DeleteRecord)

OB SET ARRAY($DeleteRecord_PN_ob;"DeleteRecord_PN";$DeleteRecord_PN)


Use (Storage)
        Storage.t:=New shared 
End use 
Use (Storage.t)
        Storage.t.DeleteRecord:=$DeleteRecord_ob // this line generated the 
error message
        Storage.t.DeleteRecord_PN:=$DeleteRecord _PN_ob// so does this line 
error with same message
End use

Please help!

David Ringsmuth

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