originally designed as a "beginner language"
JS has some tolerant syntax rules,
being OK to omit the line terminator ";" is one of them.

of course, this could only work if the end-of-line can be implied without a ";" 
(for example, by \n)

I can understand the motivation to remove all \n from your script,
based on the observation that "WA Evaluate JS" can only run a single line of 

a line, in this context, is not the line of code (separated by ";"), but 
rather, a line of text (separated by \n).

there was a bug (ACI0092713) in 13.5.HF1,
where the command could not execute code with multiple lines (\n).
it was fixed in  fixed in 13.6, but for WebKit back then and the system Web 

> The problem was that we assumed there would be no significant differences 
> between 16.4 and 16R6.

the embedded web area engine has changed from WebKit to CEF (Chrome Embedded 
Framework) in 16R 64-bit

so are you saying that CEF has a similar problem with \n ?

before you remove all instances of \n (which could simply be inserted for 
legibility or even as a literal),
it would be better to make sure that the code has explicit ";" to indicate an 
end of code.

perhaps a "minification" tool would help.

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