I have code since the advent of list boxes that allows a column other than the 
last one to grow and shrink as the window is resized. It works for array based 
list boxes, but I just noticed it is no longer working for (named) selection 
list boxes in version 16 or 17. The last column always changes size with the 
window even if I give it fixed min and max size.

I also tried using the Auto-Column Resize option (version 17), but that seems 
buggy as well. I set a minimum size for all columns yet it pushes columns down 
to a few pixels when the window shrinks. The only way it only sort of worked is 
to make all of the columns a fixed size except one. All the columns are added 
when the form is loaded, maybe that is part of the issue.

John DeSoi, Ph.D.

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