For what it's worth, I have been having the same issue where on most nights
the backup never starts until I connect to the server via Screen Sharing.
In most cases, when I do connect the server crashes. When I reopen the
server the backup completes as normal.

Yesterday I changed a setting and the backup completed as normal last
night. I won't know for a few more days if it is actually fixed but I
thought I would tell you what I did in case you want to try it.

Under System Preferences --> Engergy Saver, it was set to turn the display
off after three hours. I changed it to "Never." My theory is that when the
screen is off it triggers some kind of different power management setting
that is interfering with 4D. Fingers crossed!

High Sierra 10.13.6
4D v17 build 17.225365 64-bit
4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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