ACI0098967 fixes the App Nap slowdown which could apply to a 4D Server with no 
active user interface (i.e. Admin Window).

this is v17 build 230086 from 23rd Nov.


for other versions I offer


> 2019/01/02 22:35、Tim Daniels via 4D_Tech <4d_tech@lists.4d.com>のメール:
> Under System Preferences --> Engergy Saver, it was set to turn the display
> off after three hours. I changed it to "Never." My theory is that when the
> screen is off it triggers some kind of different power management setting
> that is interfering with 4D. Fingers crossed!
> High Sierra 10.13.6
> 4D v17 build 17.225365 64-bit

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