a fully featured CalDAV server running on 4D would require the web code to 
respond to all types of HTTP requests as specified in the related RFC


but if you do not need to add, delete or modify events, serving a .ics file is 
no different to serving a .jpg image.
you could of course use the 4D web server, especially if you already have one 
running, but otherwise,
you could just publish it on any web server.
it doesn't have to be a calendar server.

> 2019/01/05 9:27、Mitchell Shiller via 4D_Tech <4d_tech@lists.4d.com>のメール:
>  I would like to still serve up the .ics files so that they can be subscribed 
> to on the desktops and iPhones,etc.
> Anyone know how if and how that can be done on 4D Server?

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