I posted this before the holidays, but it never showed up....

I did manage to track down the problem -

The problem was related screen resolution and orientation. -- 
Apparently 4D does not like mixed monitor orientations.....
In this particular case 1 monitor is in 'normal' orientation (wider 
then high), the second monitor was in vertical orientation (taller then 

My system will auto create a window setting for a specific user & form 
if they adjust the window, and the next time the user opens that form, 
the window is opened to the last size specified. Similar to 4D's design 

The user had open/moved a list form to the normal orientated screen and 
adjusted its width. The next time they opened the same list form, the 
vertical monitor was the default monitor, and the width of the form 
window was larger then the vertical screen's width.  In the process of 
this form opening - 4D choked and crashed to the desktop.

Once I tracked this down, and changed the default form width - the 
crashing problem stopped


On Tue, 11 Dec 2018 18:36:00 +0000, Timothy Penner wrote:
> Tech Tip: Generic troubleshooting steps for isolating and narrowing 
down an issue


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