given a pointer to a table, or a pointer to a field of a table,
I want to be able, for the current record of this table, to :
- iterate over all the fields of the table - I know how to do this
-- determine if the current field has 1 or more relations - I do not 
know how to do this
--- if there are 1 or more relations, I want 'follow' each relation to 
determine if there exists 1 or more related records at the other end of 
the relation - I am not sure I know how to do this

what I want looks something like this

$Field_Count:=get last field number([table])

For ($i; 1; $Field_Count)
 if (field number valid($Table_Num; $i))
  // get field relational information

  // if (relations)
   // For ($Realation_count)  
    // check related table for records
    // if (related records exist) 
     $Dependencies := True

 // exit loops

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