Hi All,

I’m sure this is simple! But I am not seeing it.

I am using Miyako’s "4d-widget-calendar-simple-master” component in a v15 

Is anyone else using this component and got it working???

I have tried source and compiled…

So I downloaded and updated the v14 component to 4D v15.2 Mac and copied it to 
the component folder.

I know it’s in the right place since I can see it in the component list and 
because the subform “Calendar” shows up in the Detail Form list in the property 

I created a a subform and named it similar and set all properties to the 
example parent form used for testing inside the component.

When I try and run it I get the following error:

Error when executing the method “Calendar” at the line number 8.

-10508 Project method not found.

This is the same error for all form events calls to the methods inside the 

Since the form events are private to the component I am to sure why they are 
not bing seen?

Anyone able to help?

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