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> wrote:
> I am using v17.2 64 bit client. On a variety of windows machines, entering a 
> enter from extended keyboard is causing volume desktop has stopped working 
> and of course 4D just quits. Anyone else having these issues. 

I think you mean 17R2? As far as I know 17.0 is still the latest mainline 
version released the middle of last year. I'm hoping 17.1 comes out soon and 
solves issues with macOs 10.14 Mojave among other issues. But full credit to 4D 
for increasing quality of .0 releases.

> Also ins Reading quick report documentation the normal menus are not there so 
> we can not sort columns. I am sure this one is some setting I do not 
> understand

Quick Reports is rewritten (as a component?) in 64 bit implementations and has 
a lot of feature differences from previous 32 bit versions. You are probably 
not missing a setting that will make it work like the previous version.

John DeSoi, Ph.D.

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