From a listbox view, I’d like to open the input form for a record but not allow 
the user to change any info. I tried using DISPLAY RECORD instead of MODIFY 
RECORD, but it just displays the form and immediately closes. If I set the 
table to read only before loading the record, MODIFY RECORD just shows an alert 
complaining that the record is locked, and doesn’t show the input form. So I 
set the form fields to be not enterable, but while text can be selected, it 
can’t be copied. 

I thought about using DIALOG, but that would require specifying the input form 
name in a variable higher up the call chain, because while we can use FORM SET 
INPUT to set the input form for a table, there is no accompanying "Form Get 
Input” command that I can find. I know this could probably be plugged into form 
storage instead of a process variable in V17, but I’m not on v17 yet and 
logically that’s not much different than using a process variable, we’re still 
introducing a separate place to store some data that we should be able to get 
the same way we specify it.

Is there a convenient way to mimic the ease of DISPLAY SELECTION / MODIFY 
SELECTION to allow read/only or read/write access when using a listbox? Is 
DIALOG the only option?

Also, is there a way to make a field non-enterable but allow text to be copied?

Jim Crate

4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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