Hi all,

I asked in November, and Tim Nevels confirmed he''d seen the issue once, but I need to ask again:

Has anyone else seen an instance of the 'Reject New Connections' button on the Application Server page of the 4D Server Admin window, spontaneously changing to 'Accept New Connections' WITHOUT anyone manually pressing/clicking the button?

4D Server 17R3 -- also happened with earlier versions of v17. May have happened with v16 but can't confirm
Windows Server 2012
Has happened on the current server hardware, and also on a different hardware box. Clients network, cabling and switches have been seriously over-hauled and upgraded over the past six months.

We got a call from a client to say that their 15 in-house users had been disconnected from the (4D) server (again).

When I remotely connected to the live server I could see:

a) there were zero (0) users connected,

b) the HTTP Server page of the Admin window indicated that the server was still accepting incoming web connections (the counter was ticking over)

c) We logged into the online system, updated some data and submitted the update.

d) We received the emailed update notification from the system, indicating that the internal web server was still working happily, and that the server code was still capable of sending email out.

e) the UI of the server Admin window was responsive -- there was no interface lagging as there often is if the system is experiencing any sort of memory issue.

f) the New Connection button on the Application Server page of the Admin window read 'Accept New Connections'.  In other words, as far as the Server UI was concerned, someone had previously gone into the Application Server page and manually clicked on the 'Reject New Connections' button. !!!!!!  I believe no one actually did that.

g) As soon as I pressed the 'Accept New Connections' the server froze up and I had to End Task and restart.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

We've recently added some internal logging into the On Server Close Connections database method, and can see in our Logs, that at exactly the same time (to the second)there were 57 *On Server Close Connections (i.e. DIS*connection*)*logs recorded as ALL of the logged in Clients disconnected.  I wouldn't expect this to happen if there were some form of network issue....?

This suggests that from 4D Servers**perspective all the clients were disconnected in an orderly fashion at the same time, almost as though the Server admin had issued a Shutdown/Quit command and the clients were being forced to disconnect from the server.

It's almost like the internal 4D Engine is periodically checking some network (?) or internal condition, and if it fiond it to be true, then the New Connections button interface text is changed to 'Accept New Connections'....

If anyone has any suggestions as to how this could happen, we'd be interested to know.

Allan Udy

Golden Micro Solutions Ltd, Blenheim, New Zealand

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