Note: variable names are not supported to start with a number ($4dDate)

the line

OB SET($obj;"apiDate";"2019-02-24")

does not set a date value.
it sets a string that looks like a date to some people.

try something like

$obj:=New object

OB SET($obj;"d1";Current date)
OB SET($obj;"d2";"2019-02-26")
OB SET($obj;"d3";!2019-02-26!)

inspect the object in the debugger,
turn on "display types"

you would see that

d1 looks like "2019-02-26T00:00:00.000Z" in the stringified preview, but 
"19/02/26" or equivalent in the detailed preview and "date" as type.
d2 looks like "2019-02-24" in the stringified and detailed preview and "text" 
as type.
d3 looks exactly like d1

the problem with

OB SET($obj;"apiDate";"2019-02-24")
$apiDate:=OB Get($obj;"apiDate";Is date)

is that you never stored a date or ISO date,
just a yyyy-mm-dd string (that has no special meaning in JSON or 4D object),
and the "Is date" coercion forces 4D to interpret it as "ISO date" because it 
is the only kind of date string expected in an object.

if you want to use date string in the yyyy-mm-dd (or your local equivalent) you 
need to

$apiDate:=Date(OB Get($obj;"apiDate"))



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