if  the service provider does not support oob callbacks
then you need to start a TCP listener session on localhost.



of course you can use 4D Internet Commands or the built-in web server.

if oob is supported (you need to check with the service provider)
the user will be redirected to a web page that says something to the effect of,
"type this code in your desktop application".

OAuth is primarily designed for web applications,
that prefer to delegate authorisation and authentication to a trusted account 
so it assumes that the application is hosted by a web server,
anything else, like a desktop application,
is considered out-of-bounds re protocol.

> 2019/03/10 17:51、Jeremy Roussak via 4D_Tech <4d_tech@lists.4d.com>のメール:
> I’m floundering in the sea of my ignorance, so any help would be gratefully 
> received. What, in 4D, should I do get get the authorisation results (step 2 
> in the reference)?

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