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> P.S.
> to post keystrokes programmatically
> https://github.com/miyako/4d-plugin-virtual-key
> to do it the proper way (it seems, not tested)
> https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nsapplication/1428455-orderfrontcharacterpalette?language=objc

Magic Miyako, a plugin for everything :-)

thanks for your informative reply.

I've tried your plugin, but it seems that the plugin only accepts one
modifier key.

This code opens (only with debugger) the macOS Spotlight and close spotlight
after you step over "POST VIRTUAL KEY"

$modifiers:=Command key mask+Control key mask  

POST VIRTUAL KEY (kVK_Space;$modifiers)

Second observation: It seems that 4D blocks this keycode combination, cause
4D adds no entry into the edit menu like other apps. (Word, Excel, OutLook,
Apple Mail, Textedit, ...) all other apps adds the entry to the edit menu.
Why not 4D ?

macOS 10.12.6 
4D v16.4hf1
4D v17r4

Thanks Armin

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